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No one showed up? Promote your company event effectively

Events are very important activities for companies, for example

  • webinars
  • workshops
  • conferences

It can also be entertainment events such as theatre, musicals, art gallery showings or concerts.

However, usually small and medium sized companies do not achieve their sales and attendance goals. They sell much less than they projected and very few people come to the event.

But with impaKt the story is different. You can finally sell that workshop you are giving or fill the amphitheater and make the event a smashing success.

Here are some case studies with events that used impaKt:

Workshop for technology company Achieved their sales goal in 12 days.

Heathers Musical A theatre troupe had a two night commitment planned.

With impakt both nights were sold out.

So if you have an event planned for your company open an account here on this website and put the power of impaKt to work to achieve your sales goals effectively.

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